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Cowboy Corgi's are a cross between a Heeler

 (Blue or Red) and a Corgi. 

They mostly stay the size of a corgi and will have

 more of the heeler color unless they are out of a

 merle and then they will look more like a corgi. 

They have big happy personalities and are very

 playful, but still have the work and drive of both

 breeds.  These dogs are brave, intelligent and


They are very energetic and very quick to bond with their family.

They have lots of energy and spunk and need access to a lot of space to play,

 or a job to do to work off the extra energy.

This breed is good with children, as long as the children aren't too rough.

They are very watchful around strangers.

They do shed so they require occasional brushing to remove dead hair.

They weigh 25-30 lbs. 

Their height is 10-15 inches.

Their life expectancy is @ 13 years.

Colors of the breed are tri, sable, roan, and merle. 

Health issues could be similar to that of any long spined breeds.

They are classed as herding animals.

We have a new litter of Cowboy Corgi's!   They were born September 29, 2018  and will be ready for their forever homes November 10.  They have had their tails docked and they will have 2 rounds of shots and 2 rounds of wormer before they leave the farm.  There are 3 males and 8 females.  They are farm raised and will be well socialized with cats, cattle, and kids.  They are located in Pocahontas, AR.  They are $300 each a $50 non refundable deposit is required to hold one, the $250 balance is then paid in cash at pick up.  Deposits can be mailed to Seagraves Farms 2047 Hwy 93 Pocahontas, AR  72455.  For more information contact Anita 870-892-0190. 

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